History of the stables

The team of Southwick Estate builders have worked tirelessly to help my dream come alive. And what a fantastic job they have done!!
Below are a whole load of photos from day one to completion - I am still on the hunt through the history books to find a photo of the building from the 1800!

Knocking out the 9 inch thick partitioning wall to open up the upstairs space; raising the ceiling of two sections to create more head space downstairs; reinstating the two gable end windows to bring some natural light upstairs; installing a staircase for access upstairs which satisfied building regulations (apparently a ladder through a metre square whole doesn't cut it!); stacks upon stacks of insulation and plasterboard; and building toilet and shower facilities were just some of the jobs on their to do list - all with COVID-19 coming along to thrown an invisible spanner in the works!

With the original wholes in the ceiling where hay would have been dropped down into the mangers below being the only access to the upstairs it took some imagination to map out the plans for the building.


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