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It’s never too late to start exercising. Whether you had a sporty background but have been inactive for a while, or have never done a day’s exercise in your life, there are still many benefits to starting exercise after 40 years of age. Below are 8 reasons to start exercising later in life, although there are many more that could be added!  

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1 – Exercising helps to increase bone density.

Bone density decreases as we age, especially in women after menopause. Bones lose calcium and other minerals with age but training and correct diet can help to keep bones strong and health and reduce the risk of breaks later in life. 

2 – Decreased risk of heart attacks.

Our hearts are muscles, and like any muscle, the less it is used the weaker it will become. Exercising means the heart has to work hard to pump higher volumes of blood to the muscles around the body. The stronger the heart, the lower the blood pressure and the less chance of getting into trouble with your ticker in the future.  

3 – Avoiding hip/knee replacements.

Carrying a healthy body weight puts less strain on our joints. Over working your knees and hip joints over years and years of carrying excess weight. Similarly, not strengthening the supporting muscles around them can lead to living with constant pain in later life or having to go through major surgery to have knees and hips replaced. 

4 – Improve and develop mobility and agility.

Working on strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles to realign your body and keep joints mobile will help to prevent bad posture later in life. Avoid the stereotypical old age hunch back by starting work on prevention today. 

5 – Exercise helps to lower your cholesterol.

Exercising help to stimulate enzymes which help to move low density lipoproteins (LDL, the bad type of cholesterol) from the blood to the liver. From here it is converted into waste products and excreted from the body. It also helps to increase the size of the protein particles which carry cholesterol around the body. The larger the particles the harder it is for the cholesterol to squeeze into blood vessels and the heart where they set up camp and cause problems including heart disease.  

6 – Improve balance.

One in three adults over the age of 65 take a serious tumble each year. Falls can have devastating effects on the older population and lead to losing confidence in getting out and about. The less we move the weaker we become and the high the chances of needing supported living in later years. Start work on your balance and coordination now and keep your independence later in life.  

7 – It could help to prevent osteoarthritis.

Doctors are still unsure what exactly causes arthritis and there are many types which can effect any age. However the most common form, osteoarthritis, can be prevented. Staying active, maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening the supporting muscles and ligaments around the joints, avoiding injury and repetitive movements. 

8 – Prevent menopausal weight gain (women)

Maintaining your weight can be hard during and post menopause. The increase in estrogen hormone can slow metabolism and increase insulin resistance. This leads to weight gain even if you are eating exactly the same as before. Not everyone wants to lower your calories to combat this. Therefore upping the activity levels can be an alternative to keep the menopausal weight gain at bay. Drop me a message via Facebook or my website today to find out how I can help you ease your way into exercising after 40 safely and comfortably and keep you active and independent in your 80’s!  

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